LG/Sony legal battle intensifies

Posted: March 2, 2011 by Darren in News

apparently the legal battle we mentioned in a previous post has actually resulted in more than hot air being blown. LG have gotten a ban imposed on PS3 imports and custom officials are seizing all PS3’s headed to the U.K. leaving a predicted 3 week stock remaining. The ban in place is for 10 days and Sony are attempting to appeal but LG can also try to get the ban extended. We’ll have to wait and see what happens next.


Gears of War 3 worldwide release

Posted: February 23, 2011 by Darren in News


Anya!! get your Lancers oiled and your ear prodding finger ready! tuesday september 20th has been announced as the date for the worldwide release of Gears 3. The release had been pushed back with claims of working on dedicated servers this time around and “business reasons” so it could be this release date is going to cover for a lack of Halo in that release timeframe this year but cynicism aside it’s time to curb stomp some more locust and this time end the war? and will Carmine survive!? Multiplayer Beta should be announced soon and we can all get a taste of gritty sacks of meat and protein shooting and chainsawing their opponents very soon.

Dead Island trailer offensive?

Posted: February 20, 2011 by Darren in News

The frankly (in our opinion) amazing Dead Island trailer has come under fire for it’s graphic depiction of the death of a young girl in the wake of a zombie outbreak. An MCVuk article claims that “there’s nothing to learn from watching it. It’s not designed to make you think or to explore a point of debate. It’s a video that uses an image of a dead girl and images of her dying to create an emotional bond with a product.” or basically what he’s saying is “this trailer does what trailers have always done, are doing and will do” as for “not making me think” it did exactly that for me, it hit an emotional nerve that really made me think about the human ramifications of a zombie holocaust. Different people will take something different away from this trailer and that is because it is emotionally engaging, we should not decry videogames for attempting to broach subjects that other media is free to. watch the trailer below and make up your own mind.

L.A. Noire gameplay finally shown

Posted: February 10, 2011 by Darren in News

Guys and Dolls meets Scarface

Rockstar games has finally started releasing gameplay videos of their upcoming crime thriller L.A. Noire which is using a new method of facial mocap to deliver the most believable and emotive faces seen in gaming to date. We here at B4P can’t wait for this game and the video below makes us even more excited to start casing joints for dames, broads and molls.

First Halo now Gears of War with Kinect?

Posted: February 9, 2011 by Darren in News

I'll never get tired of making these photoshops!

We mentioned recently that Microsoft had aquired a domain name for a possible Kinect Halo project and now there’s word of a Gears of War foray into Kinect territory according to Kotaku sources familiar with the project state “the previously rumored Gears of War Kinect project is indeed real.” and goes on to say that it’s due to be an on rails shooter. Epic games is also reported to have filed for a trademark ‘Gears of War: Exile’. Confusion still abound though as in response to rumors Cliff Bleszinski went on to twitter to assure fans “No Kinect in Gears of War 3.” does this mean there’s a spin off title utilizing Kinect or that these rumors are just that?

LG tries to stop sale of PS3 in the States

Posted: February 9, 2011 by Darren in News

But...Uncharted 3!

The LG electronics company is attempting to sue Sony for patent infringement and stop them from selling the Playstation 3 and Bravia televisions. LG claims that the Blu-Ray player in the PS3 infringes on four patents whilst the Bravia television infringes on a further four. Sony did attempt to file suit against LG mobile phones a while back and a civil suit against their Blu-Ray players so this smacks of legal action ping-pong. I guess Sony’s lawyers need to fill time until they decide to name their new PSP the ‘Game Gear’ and try to gun for Sega…