So here’s the thing. At B4P, we love bad games. Games so bad they make you want to invent time travel just so you can go back thirty years and kill your mother before she even conceives you. We don’t necessarily enjoy playing these bad games, but the experience of sharing the misery and torture with a friend is liberating, through both the rare highs and the hellish lows. Four eyes can see twice the horror, right?

We intend to battle through the very worst the Video-game industry has to offer, in the hopes of bringing you the low-down on games you would never even waste a moment playing. Who knows, maybe we’ll find some hidden gems amongst the rough.

So stick with us if you want to know which games are worth saving from that bargain bin, and which ones should be kicked off a cliff.

Oh, so you like good games do you? Well don’t leave just yet, because we kind of like them too, and we hope to break up the steady march of turgid mediocrity by featuring some new releases as and when we play them. So stay with us a while, grab a whiskey and get ready to ‘read’ the rollercoaster!

(See what we did there? We changed the word ‘ride’ to – oh, forget it.)