Undead Labs plan Zombie MMO

Posted: February 6, 2011 by Owen Morgan in News

Ask the guys at Undead Labs whether they think zombies have been done to death, so to speak, and they’ll likely tell you to get the hell out. They plan on bringing you the ‘definitive zombie survival experience’ through the medium of Xbox Live Arcade.

Head of Undead Labs, Jeff Strain, says his ultimate goal is to reproduce a world that online players can band together in and struggle to survive the zombie onslaught. We’ve all had that conversation of ‘what would you do?’ in the pub at least once, but this may give us a medium to test those plans out in, if Strains plans come to fruition. Before this ideal game is released, however, Undead Labs will be releasing a single-player game, called ‘Class3’, that will serve as a sort of ‘beta’ for the MMO version.

There’s a more in-depth look over at 1-Up, with a whole bunch of concept art for the game. As a life-long zombie fan, this game sounds awesome on paper, but we’ll have to wait and see just how it turns out.


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