Knights Contract – Dormant Hit?

Posted: February 6, 2011 by Darren in News

Hitting the same day as Bulletstorm, it may be easy for some to overlook Games Republic’s Knights Contract. The medieval fantasy slasher is looking more than capable of holding it’s own in a battle of machismo. Knights Contract lets you take control of a cursed immortal German Warrior called Heinrich, who, armed with his gnarly looking scythe, must protect Gretchen, the resurrected Witch who made him immortal. The thing is, Heinrich was the one who killed Gretchen in the first place, so now he must help her get revenge on Dr. Faust, the man who put a bounty out on her, to lift his curse.

Sound confusing? Here’s the deal, you need to cut things until they die, and stop Gretchen from buying the farm. Think of a cross between Dante’s Inferno and Ico, and you’d be near the mark. While a game-length escort mission may not appeal to everybody, the fact that Gretchens spells will be able to enhance the power of Heinrich should add some extra depth and strategy to a familiar game-play system.

That, and it looks tasty too. Check out Heinrich’s Ring Doughnut costume, how badass is that? There’s also a nice little trailer here. Definitely looks like one to consider come the end of February.


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