Dark Souls is Heading Multi-platform

Posted: February 5, 2011 by Owen Morgan in News

The ‘spiritual successor’ to From Software’s ps3 exclusive hit Demon’s Souls is heading over to Xbox, as well as its flagship platform when it finally gets released. This will be great news for 360 owners who have heard about Demons souls unique, masochistic play-style.

Demons Souls was notoriously difficult, making you edge your way through its world with the constant threat of death just around every corner. It was a game you really had to stick with, only getting easier the more you played it and learned it’s whims and combat systems. Dark Souls will hopefully be more of the same, but on a grander scale.

Be warned however, this game won’t be to everybody’s tastes, so do your research before you get clicking on those pre-order buttons.

Check out the trailer for Dark Souls above, I’m sure you’ll agree it looks mighty impressive. I’ll definitely be picking this one up, because every bit of cash From Software gets marks another step towards Chromehounds 2.

Shh, Chromehounds was great.


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