Gun-toting Demo Twin Pack

Posted: January 28, 2011 by Owen Morgan in News

The demo versions of both Bulletstorm (Epic/People Can Fly’s bonkers shooter) and Crysis 2 Multiplayer (sequel to the critically acclaimed PC game) are up on Xbox Live and Playstation Network.

Bulletstorm puts you in the size 20 boots of notorious space pirate Grayson Hunt, and lets you loose on a fairly short 5 minute ‘Echo’ level, that can be played as many times as you like. The aim is to kill your enemies in the most gruesome and imaginative ways possible in order to rack up a ‘metric fuck-tonne’ of points. Using a variety of guns, your aforementioned boot and your wrist-mounted ‘Energy Leash’, this is top-notch fun and shouldn’t be missed. So get downloading now! For an example Bulletsorm’s twisted, childish brand of humour, check out this video that parodies the famous Halo 3: Believe trailer.

Crysis 2 however, takes it’s gun-play rather seriously. You play as a soldier who, thanks to the Nanosuit he’s wearing, can leap and bound around the map, traverse obstacles with ease, and even turn invisible. This demo only features the game’s Multiplayer aspects, and it will no doubt draw comparisons with many other military based shooters around at the moment. Crysis 2’s strengths lay firmly in it’s suit technology, which will definitely add some much-needed spice to the very basic formula. This trailer gives an idea of the strategy behind some of the mechanics.


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